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For better user experience and work productivity, Attaché Docs helps in simplifying your work. This document management system is designed to provide work efficiency in managing files.

Secure Your Documents

Attaché Docs protects your confidential documents and top secret files. With its full end-to-end security and encryption, you can ensure that only authorized people can access your records. The barcode feature secures your documents to guarantee its integrity. Authenticate your documents through blockchain technology. You can limit the user access across your organization and take full control of your data.

Gain Improved Insight

The Dashboard and Analytics lets you view your data in a new perspective. It has a Keyword Search that helps in finding particular documents you are looking for. The Dashboard displays the essential details that helps in tracking your organization’s performance. It also shows the details with graphical and statistical user widgets.

Enhance Workflow Efficiency

Every organization has its own process and workflow. This is why Attaché Docs has a configurable Workflow Management which analyses your work as you use it. The state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence helps to fully automate your workflow from automatically routing the documents, to suggesting the next tasks, to helping you meet your deadlines. It helps you to free yourself of repetitive work.

Keep Your Documents Organized

Attaché Docs allows the user to create custom reports and do a configurable search for a quicker way of sorting files. It has a record and tagging system that effortlessly organizes the documents.

Customizable Forms

Attaché Docs allows your document management to become more data-centric. It puts the power in your hands to create your own forms the way you like it. You can create multiple-choice forms, text heavy information sheet, or a mixture of both. The Form Builder feature gives you these options.

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  • Form Builder

    Attaché Docs’ Form Builder lets you create your own forms easily and quickly. With the easy to use interface and intuitive drag-n-drag panel

  • Dashboard and Reports

    Attaché Docs Dashboard and Reports will provide you with new insights to unlock your data.

  • Task and Workflow

    Automate your workflow using Attaché Docs Workflow Management. Its state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence will learn your processes as you use it,

  • Calendar

    Attaché Docs Calendar will give you the monthly view or weekly view of your agenda so you can make immediate and confident decisions.

  • Contacts Directory

    Easily see and organize your contacts with Attaché Docs Contacts Directory. Add full contact details, including mobile and phone numbers, full name, or organizational assignment.

  • Discussion Board

    Collaboration is important in any organization. Attaché Docs Discussion Board allows you to discuss and collaborate with your colleagues

  • Security

    Security is important in any enterprise platform. This is why Attaché Docs follows industry best practices and standards.

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